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This plugin helps logged in users to subscribe to a system email update message when the stock is available again in the selected warehouse.

Revolutionize Your Sales with Our Stock Availability Notifier Plugin

Introducing a game-changing solution for tenant owners on the ONe B2B e-commerce platform: our cutting-edge Stock Availability Notifier plugin. Tailored to empower your online store with real-time inventory updates, this plugin is an indispensable tool for maintaining customer satisfaction and boosting sales. Discover how this plugin can transform your e-commerce strategy:

Enhanced Customer Engagement

For Your Customers:

  • Immediate Stock Updates: Registered users who subscribe will receive notifications the moment their desired product is back in stock at the selected warehouse, ensuring they never miss out on making a purchase.
  • Streamlined Shopping Experience: A dedicated "subscribe to stock alerts" banner on product pages makes it easy for users to opt-in for notifications, enhancing user experience and encouraging account registration.
  • Customizable Email Alerts: Tailor the notification emails to match your brand's voice and message, creating a personalized touch that resonates with your customers.

For Your Business:

  • Increased Sales Opportunities: Prompt stock updates encourage prompt purchases, reducing the risk of customers turning to competitors for their needs.
  • Insightful Subscriber Management: Access a comprehensive list of stock notifier subscribers in the back-office, providing valuable insights into product demand and customer interest.
  • Unified Subscription Management: Works seamlessly with the price reduction notifier within the same framework, allowing for efficient management of all customer subscriptions.

Key Features for Streamlined Operations

  • Detailed Subscriber Overview: Monitor product IDs, user emails, notifier status (overdue, waiting for email sending, email sent), and notification type (price, stock) all in one consolidated list.
  • Adjustable Notification Settings: Define the conditions under stock notifications becomes overdue, ensuring customers receive timely updates.
  • Harmonious Platform Integration: As part of the ONe B2B plugin framework, this tool complements other plugins, enhancing the overall functionality of your e-commerce site without sacrificing performance.

Effortless Installation, Powerful Results

Implementing the Stock Availability Notifier plugin not only elevates the customer shopping experience but also provides your team with effective tools for monitoring stock levels and engaging with your audience more dynamically. Its seamless integration and robust capabilities make it an essential addition to your ONe B2B platform, facilitating growth in customer loyalty and sales.

Capitalize on the benefits of sophisticated inventory management today. Upgrade your site's capabilities, offer unparalleled convenience to your customers, and gain insights into product popularity with our exclusive Stock Availability Notifier plugin. Transform your e-commerce site into a dynamic platform that keeps customers informed, engaged, and ready to purchase at a moment's notice.