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Embedding a Filtered Power BI Report within the ONe Framework

Primary Actor: Data Analyst.

Stakeholders and Interests:

  • Data Analyst: Wants to embed a Power BI report with specific filters within the ONe Framework for targeted analysis.
  • Sales reps: Need a clear, filtered view of the report relevant to their client.
  • ONe Framework Admin: Ensures the platform supports seamless integration and that the reports are accessible to authorized users.


  • The Data Analyst has a Power BI Pro License.
  • The ONe Framework supports Power BI embedding.
  • The Data Analyst has the necessary permissions to embed reports within the ONe Framework.

Main Success Scenario (or Basic Flow):

  1. Data Analyst logs into the ONe Framework.
  2. Data Analyst navigates to the "PowerBI -> My Reports" section.
  3. They choose the report they want to embed.
  4. Data Analyst fetches the base embedding URL from Power BI.
  5. /A. The analyst appends the desired filter (e.g., ?filter=Partner/Client) to filter data of partners .
  6. They embed the filtered report within the ONe Framework.
  7. Sales reps log into the ONe Framework and navigate to the reports section.
  8. /A. Sales reps view the embedded Power BI report, displaying data exclusively for their client.
  9. Sales reps have the option to modify or remove the filter based on their data viewing needs.


  • The report is embedded and accessible to Sales reps with filters applied.
  • Sales reps can view and interact with the report as per their requirements.

Special Requirements:

  • The embedded report must load within a certain time frame for a seamless user experience.
  • The report data should update in real-time or near real-time, reflecting changes in the primary data source.