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Accessing the Report

For users to access the report, a license in some form needs to be purchased. There are two solutions for this:

  1. Purchasing a Power BI Pro license
  2. Purchasing dedicated Power BI resources

Power BI Pro License

This type of license is essentially a dedicated resource linked to an email address. Since it's associated with an individual, it always ensures enough resources are available for the user to view the reports at an appropriate speed. Pricing:

Power BI Embedded

In this case, the resource is not linked to an individual but to a single workspace of a person with a Pro license. The advantage is that anyone to whom the workspace owner grants permission can use this resource. The downside is that the resource is finite, so if many use it at once, report loading might become slow. Pricing:

Sharing the Report

For the reports to be viewable, they must be shared with the concerned individuals, just as if they were viewing them on the Power BI cloud interface. Perhaps the simplest way to do this is to create a security group for each report and share the report with this group. Subsequently, only the security group needs to be maintained.

Report with Row-Level Security

Embedded reports can be assigned row-level security settings just like any other Power BI report. Setting up row-level security can be done with security groups, just like sharing the reports.

Embedding the Report

Steps for embedding:

  1. Publish the report to a workspace.
  2. Open the report.
  3. Go to the File menu.
  4. Choose "Embed report."
  5. Select "Website or portal."
  6. Copy the link.

Embedding a Report with Filters

To embed the report along with filters, the previously received link needs to be supplemented with the necessary filters. Any field from every data table serving as a basis for the report can be filtered.

In this case, the link must be supplemented with the "?filter=" text, followed by the formulation of the filters.

For example, if we want to filter for partners located in the city of Budapest, the link should be supplemented with the following text (assuming there is a table named 'Partner' in the report dataset, which has a 'City' field): ?filter=Partner/City eq ’Budapest’

The exact documentation on the use of the embedded filter system can be found here:

IMPORTANT: Embedding with filters means that the viewer sees the report with the set filters. However, the user can modify these filters or even turn them off to see the complete dataset in their view.