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ONe Loyalty Program Plugin Introduction

In today's competitive market landscape, fostering customer loyalty is paramount. With the proliferation of options available to customers, businesses need an edge that not only draws clients in but also encourages repeated business. The ONe Loyalty Program Plugin is paying careful attention to every detail crafted to provide this advantage.

Objective & Overview:

The ONe Loyalty Program is a strategically devised module under the umbrella of the ONe plugins framework. It is rooted in the principle of rewarding customers for their consistent procures. At its core, the program is a campaign where clients gets loyalty points each time they make a purchase. These points serve as a testament to their fidelty to a brand, and over time, can be redeemed or leveraged for exclusive benefits.

Integration & Functionality:

Designed to seamlessly integrate with ONe B2B, this plugin does not operate in isolation. While the plugin directly pull data from the ONe B2B database, its unique selling proposition lies in its capability to merge data from offline & online sales channels. Offline orders, often seen as an isolated stream of sales, can be uploaded to the ONe B2B system. This ensures a comprehensive view of a customer's buying journey, irrespective of where the transaction occurs.

Benefits & Value Proposition:

  • Unified View: By bridging the gap between online and offline sales data, businesses get a unified view of their customer's purchasing patterns. This holistic perspective can provide insights for tailored marketing strategies.
  • Customer Retention: With tangible rewards for their purchases, customers have a compelling reason to return, driving repeat sales and increasing lifetime customer value.
  • Increased Engagement: The prospect of earning and redeeming points can lead to heightened customer engagement, turning casual shoppers into brand advocates.

In essence, the ONe Loyalty Program Plugin is more than just a point collection system. It's an innovative solution, designed to amplify customer loyalty, provide a richer understanding of buying behaviors, and ultimately, drive business growth. With a perfect blend of seamless integration and potent functionality, it marks a transformative addition to the ONe B2B ecosystem.

🛑 ATTENTION! In ONe, agreements undergo versioning. It's crucial to understand that when a new version of an agreement is introduced, ONe automatically marks the previously agreed-upon versions as disagreed for the users.


  • Product: An item in the ONe B2B system available for purchase. It can either be categorized as eCommerce or non-eCommerce based on the company's choice. Within the loyalty program, each product is assigned a base loyalty point value, which is determined by business decisions.
  • Product Group: A set of products classified by: Category, Label, Manufacturer
  • Loyalty Point: Represents a value determined by a company's strategy on how many points they wish to reward a client with upon product purchase. Although these points are not based on the product's price, they can have varied exchange rates for different client segments. These points are typically float numbers, but integer values are recommended for the foundational point value.
  • Client & Client Segment: In the ONe B2B system, clients are essentially the company's customers. Recognizing the potential diversity among these clients, the term 'client segment' was introduced. This segmentation should be managed via the ONe B2B Client microservice. It's important to note that the loyalty program is exclusive to ONe B2B clients; those without an account won't accrue loyalty points.
  • Individual (private persons): Refers to individual clients. Currently, these individual clients cannot participate in the loyalty program.
  • Tenant/Company/Seller: The company rewards clients with loyalty points for completed purchases. They also facilitate the redemption of these loyalty points, either in the form of gifts or coupons.
  • User: Represents an individual associated with a client in the ONe B2B system. To participate in the loyalty program, this user must agree to specific terms on ONe, typically through a marketing or related agreement. While users give their consent, loyalty points are tied to clients, not individual users.
  • Gift: A non-product reward, like a holiday package for two.
  • Coupon: Similar to a gift, but it's designed for use in future orders, should be combined with pre-defined campaigns via the ONe B2B system's promotions service.
  • Campaign: Refers to a module within the ONe platform where companies can define specific outcomes based on certain predefined conditions. These conditions can include various parameters such as coupon pool usage, activity date, quantity of selected products, or the total value of the shopping cart. Once these conditions are met, predefined effects are triggered. Common effects includes cart discounts, specific product discounts, category-wise product discounts, or even the offering of a gift product.
  • Coupon Pool: This is essentially a repository or collection of coupon codes. Instead of managing individual coupon codes, they are grouped together in a 'pool' for more efficient administration. Each pool is typically associated with a specific campaign. Notably, the loyalty program has the capability to automatically generate and add coupon codes to these pools, streamlining the coupon management process. The coupon pool is the bridge between the loyalty program plugin and ONe campaign module.
  • Loyalty Point as Credit: FEATURE
  • Event: Refers to instances where clients either earn or lose/spend points.
  • Event of Earn Points: Points rewarded to clients upon payment for purchases.
  • Event of Use Points: The act of clients redeeming their loyalty points for gifts or coupons.
  • Event of Lose Points: Situations where clients lose points, often due to reasons like credit notes or penalties.
  • Agreement: An "Agreement" in ONe refers to the specific terms, conditions, or consents that are presented to a client's user within the platform. These terms are essential to ensure that users understand and accept the specific conditions tied to various functionalities or data processing within ONe. For a user to review or modify their given agreements, they must:
  1. Log into their ONe account.
  2. Navigate to the "Agreements" tab located at the top of the platform interface.
  3. From here, agreements are provided or withdrawn by toggling the checkbox adjacent to the specific consent description. A checked box indicates that the user agrees to the stipulated terms, while an unchecked box denotes disagreement or withdrawal of prior consent.

By ensuring clear and transparent agreement management, ONe aims to uphold the integrity of user interactions and data processing within the platform.