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In the B2B industry, where businesses buy and sell for industrial or commercial purposes, various types of purchase discounts can be applied based on specific scenarios:

  • Contract Discount:

Bulk Purchases from a Manufacturer:

A B2B distributor enters into a long-term contract with a manufacturer to purchase a significant quantity of power tools each quarter. As part of the agreement, the manufacturer offers a contract discount, providing a reduced unit price for tools purchased in bulk over the contract duration. The distributor benefits from a lower cost per unit due to committing to a substantial volume of purchases.

  • Estimated Discount:

Tiered Discounts for Distributors:

A manufacturer offers estimated discounts to its distributors based on projected sales volumes. For instance, if a distributor is estimated to purchase a certain amount of products within a given period, they might qualify for tiered discounts. As the distributor exceeds sales targets, they receive higher percentage discounts on purchases, rewarding increased business.

  • Special Discount:

Promotional offer at the introduction of a new product:

A B2B supplier introduces a new, advanced range of products. To help promote the new products, a special discount is offered for a limited period to motivate distributors to try and promote these products. The discount might be a time-limited offer or applicable only to the first group of purchases, incentivizing early adoption and promotion of the new products.

In the B2B industry, these types of purchase discounts can incentivize distributors, retailers, or businesses to commit to larger volumes, achieve sales targets, or promote specific products. The application of contract, estimated, and special discounts allows for flexible pricing strategies that cater to different purchasing behaviors and market conditions within the B2B trade landscape.

🗒️ NOTE: ePrice is not calculating with purchased quantities or other purchase-dependent volume discount period validities. The supervision of these discounts should be integrated from another source!