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In the context of a "Purchase discount of purchase group" menu, where various types of discounts can be specified, here are some examples for each type of discount:

  • Contract Discount:

Long-Term Supply Agreement:

A purchasing group within a manufacturing company enters into a contract with a specific supplier for products. As part of the contract, the supplier agrees to provide a discount on the products purchased if the company commits to a certain volume or duration of purchases. For instance, the supplier might offer a 5% discount on product purchases for the next year in exchange for a commitment to buy a minimum quantity each month.

  • Special Discount:

Seasonal Promotion:

The purchasing group of an e-commerce platform decides to run a special promotion for a limited period, such as a Black Friday sale. They negotiate special discounts with various suppliers for specific products during this promotional period. For instance, they might secure a special 20% discount on tools for a week-long promotional event.

🗒️ NOTE: ePrice is not calculating with purchased quantities or other purchase-dependent volume discount period validities. The supervision of these discounts should be integrated from another source!