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An SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) subgroup is a specific categorization method used to further differentiate and classify products within a broader product category or group. It combines the main product group with a sub-identifier, often representing a brand, supplier, or other distinguishing characteristic, to create a more precise product classification.

For example:

  • Lighting / Philips
  • Lighting / Osram
  • Lighting / others

In product configuration the administrator can edit sku subgroups:

Sku subgroups are good utilities to add B2B rules by Sku subgroups. With sku subgroups you can add percentage pricing conditions.

SKU subgroups are specialized categories within a broader product group, often differentiated by brand, supplier, or other distinguishing attributes. They serve as invaluable tools for businesses, especially in the B2B (business-to-business) domain.

Utility in B2B Pricing:

  1. Targeted Pricing Strategies: By using SKU subgroups, businesses can implement targeted pricing strategies for specific brands or suppliers, ensuring that they cater to the unique purchasing needs and preferences of their B2B clients.
  2. Flexible Pricing Conditions: SKU subgroups enable businesses to apply specific percentage pricing conditions. For instance, all products within the "Lighting / Philips" subgroup might be subject to a 10% discount for a particular B2B client or during a promotional period.
  3. Simplified Negotiations: When negotiating contracts or bulk purchase agreements with B2B clients, SKU subgroups allow for clear and concise pricing discussions. Businesses can offer specialized rates or discounts based on the SKU subgroup, simplifying the negotiation process.

In the "SKU Subgroups" tab, you will find a list of SKU subgroups that have been defined in an external system such as ERP. You can filter and sort each column. When sorting, numbers appear on the sorted columns, indicating the sorting order of the columns. At the bottom of the window, you can see the record count information.