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What does it mean?

Sales Group – is a grouping that aggregates several purchasing groups or indexes. Sales groups should include purchasing groups or indexes with the same purchasing discount. Sales groups can be identical to purchasing groups.

Sales group in ePrice

In the "Sales Groups" tab, you will find information about sales groups. The names of the groups and their contents are visible. In the upper window, you can see the available sales groups, and in the lower window (for the selected sales group in the upper window), you can view the defined items and purchasing groups associated with the highlighted sales group.

You can filter and sort each column. When sorting, numbers appear on the sorted columns, indicating the sorting order of the columns. At the bottom of the window, you can see the record count information. On the right side of each line, there is an action button. From the provided options, you can choose whether you want to preview, edit, or delete the line.

How to add a new Sales group?

  1. To add a new sales group, from the menu in the upper left corner (hamburger menu), select the "Add" option.
  2. Next, define the symbol and name of the sales group, and indicate whether you are adding all indexes (SKUs) to this group or only selected ones.
  3. Then, click "Confirm".

How to add item to Sales group?

  • To add a new item to a sales group, start by selecting the sales group you want to add the item to (click on the sales group or select the checkbox on the left side). From the menu in the upper left corner (hamburger menu), select the "Add" option.
  • Then, add the items that interest you.

⚠️ IMPORTANT! When using this option, you are adding either an entire purchasing group or a single index! A purchasing group and indexes can only belong to one sales group!

  • If you want to add multiple indexes in group, from the menu in the upper left corner (hamburger menu),
  • select the "Add a lot of sku" option.
  • Click "Confirm and close".
  • In the window, you will see all indexes that have not yet been assigned to any sales groups. To select indexes, click on the checkboxes on the left side and then click "Select." If you do not see any indexes in this window, it means that all indexes are already assigned to sales groups.

How to change item membership in a Sales group?

  • After selecting an item or marking several items, you can click on the menu and choose "Edit groups”
  • In the designated areas, change the sales group by entering the name of the group to which you want to add the items. On the left side, you will see how many items you are changing. Then, click "Confirm." After applying this operation, the item will automatically be removed from the displayed sales group and added to the new one.