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In the 'Price Source Configuration' tab, you will find detailed information about prices and the possibility to adjust the source of purchase price calculation. By default, the purchase price always serves as the basis for calculating sales prices. Yet, thanks to this feature, you have the flexibility to make modifications. The sales price can be determined using:

  • Contractual price
  • Special price
  • Estimated price
  • Purchase price

For a product (sku), purchase group, supplier, or type possess multiple price sources (like special, contract, estimate, purchase), you have the capability to define a priority. This priority will dictate which type ePrice should prioritize when calculating purchase prices.

It's essential to remember to establish an appropriate priority level when instituting such a rule. These priority levels not only signal importance but also determine the sequence in which the prices are applied. A rule which has a low priority will be "overridden" by rules with higher priorities, ensuring that the higher are used for the sales price calculations.


  • Purchase prices are directly imported into ePrice from the ERP system.
  • Purchase prices are also added to the PriceHelper module in ONe.

As always, you can filter and sort each column. During this sorting process, specific numbers will materialize on the sorted columns, which are indicative of the sorting order. Moreover, at the lower segment of the window, a count of the total records displayed is provided for your convenience.

In the "Source Price Configuration" tab, you will find information about prices and the ability to configure the source price. By default, the purchase price is always taken as the source for calculating the price, but with this functionality, you can change that. The sales price can be calculated from:

  • the contractual price
  • the special price
  • the purchase price

Additionally, you can set for which product, for which purchasing group, and for which supplier you change the source of calculating the sales price.

It is important to remember that when adding such a rule, you should set an appropriate priority. Priorities determine the importance and precedence. If the priority value is low, rules with higher priority will "override" it, and they will be used to calculate the sales price. You can filter and sort each column. When sorting, numbers appear on the sorted columns, indicating the sorting order of the columns. At the bottom of the window, you can see the record count information.