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In departments section you can create sales departments and can determine which department how much ability to edit the Min amount for price change and Min percent for price change. In the 'Departments' section, you have the capability to establish and organize various sales departments tailored to your organizational needs. Each of these departments can be endowed with specific privileges that dictate their level of control over crucial pricing parameters. For instance, within each department's settings, you can define the extent of their authority to modify two crucial metrics: the 'Minimum Amount for Price Change' and the 'Minimum Percentage for Price Change'. This granularity in configuration ensures that different departments can operate within prescribed boundaries, ensuring a harmonized pricing strategy that aligns with the company's broader objectives. By empowering departments with these configurable rights, you can maintain a balance between centralized oversight and departmental autonomy. This not only fosters a sense of responsibility within each department but also ensures that pricing decisions are made with both strategic oversight and on-the-ground insights.

⚠️ NOTE: A client can be in one department only.