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The "Packaging" menu allows you to browse information about the drums.

A table will appear with the following headers:

  • ID
  • Name
  • Manufacturer
  • Labels
  • Order unit
  • Packaging quantity

Clicking on a selected row will display further information about the drum. You can navigate between different tabs to view additional data.


The content of the "Details" tab includes:

  • ID
  • Net weight (kg)
  • Net volume (m3)
  • Dimensions (Height x Width x Length) (m)
  • Wooden drum 1200: Name of the drum
  • Cannot order beyond stock
  • Canonical category
  • Shipping time
  • Description of order unit
  • Description of content unit
  • Quantity in packaging
  • Quantity in price
  • Min. quantity
  • Quantity interval
  • Description


Under the "Pictures" tab, an image of the drum will appear.


Under the "ETIM" tab, if there is information related to the product, it will be displayed. Otherwise, the message "Brak dostępnych danych ETIM" is displayed, which means "No ETIM data available".