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The upper part contains a table of cables with the following columns:

  • ID: Identifier
  • Name: Cable name
  • Manufacturer: Cable manufacturer
  • Labels: Cable labels
  • Order unit: Cable order unit
  • Number of packages: Number of packages assigned to the cable

If you click on a row in the table, the additional data of the cable is displayed in a lower section.

Additional cable data

In the displayed window, various tabs are available:

  • Details: Detailed cable data
  • Stocks: Related information and data eg.: warehouse ID and Quantity
  • Pictures: Display of pictures related to the cable
  • ETIM: ETIM data
  • Packages: Information related to cable packaging


The content of the "Details" tab includes:

Typ kablaCable typeKábel típusa
Waga netto (kg)Net weight (kg)Nettó súly (kg)
Gł. x Szer. x Dł. (m)D x W x L (m)Magasság x Szélesség x Hossz (m)
Gdzie używać?Where to use? (BackOffice/FrontOffice)Hol használható? (BackOffice/FrontOffice)
Przypisany algorytmAssigned algorithmHozzárendelt algoritmus
Nie można zamówić ponad stan magazynowyCannot order more than the quantity in stock (True/False)Nem lehet rendelni a készleten felüli mennyiséget (True/False)
Kategoria kanonicznaCanonical categoryKanonikus kategória
Opis jednostki zam.Order unit descriptionRendelési egység leírása
Opis jednostki zawart.Content unit descriptionTartalmi egység leírása
Ilość w opakowaniuQuantity in the packageMennyiség a csomagolásban
Ilość cenyQuantity at priceMennyiség az áron
Min. ilośćMin. quantityMinimális mennyiség
Interwał ilościQuantity intervalMennyiségi intervallum


The "stocks" tab contains data related to the cable, such as the stocks in different warehouses.


The uploaded image for the cable product will appear.


The "ETIM" tab contains ETIM data for the selected model.


This section includes whether the cable has packaging and, if so, how many packages it is assigned to. For example:

It is assigned to a package:

Not assigned to package:


Produkt nie przypisany do pakietu. = A termék nincs hozzárendelve a csomaghoz. = The product is not assigned to the package.)