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The "Configuration/Definition Rules" menu allows managing and configuring rules in the system. Here, you can find a list of all available rules defined in the system. These rules are important for business processes and data management.

A table will appear in the menu showing basic information about each rule, such as:

  • ID
  • External ID
  • Description
  • Assigned drums and
  • products.

When you click on a rule in the table, detailed information will appear below, giving more details about the rule.


  • Parameters:
    • Max. loose cable length:
      • This determines the number of metres for which no drum is used. This is the maximum length that can be stored loosely regardless of the cable.
    • Cable outer diameter
      • This is an indication of the diameter of the cable. The program does not take this value into account.
    • Bending radius
      • This is the bending radius, which indicates how flexible the cable is. If the cable is thin and flexible, it can be easily rolled up, whereas for cables with hard materials, rolling up is not possible.
    • Leírás
      • This is the textual description that gives more information about the rule and the cable type.
  • Assign a drum to the selected rule:
    • Table layout content:
      • Image
      • Name
      • Length
    • New assignment:
      • Clicking on the "New assignment" button will display a pop-up window.
        • The pop-up window is called "New Assignment".
        • The content is "Please select the drum and set the length (in meters)."

A message is sent when the saving is successful:

After the setting, the drum assigned to the selected cable rule is shown.