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The "Configuration/Bundle Assignment" menu allows managing and configuring packages within the system. Here you can find a list of all available packages defined in the system.

The menu item displays a table containing basic information about each package, such as its ID, name, type, activation status and summary information.

When you click on a package in the table, detailed information will appear below, giving more details about the package.

The detailed screen allows you to view the package name, type, number of activated products, number of non-activated products and total number of products.

Data displayed in the table of products assigned to package "1":

  • ID:
  • Product ID
  • Product name
  • Cable type
  • Manufacturer
  • Activated in BackOffice
  • Activated in FrontOffice

New assignment:

  • Clicking on the "New assignment" button will display a pop-up window.
  • The pop-up window is called "New Assignment".
  • The content is "Please select the product and set the length (in meters)."
    • Termék: Lenyíló lista a termékekkel
    • Product: drop-down list of products
    • Checkbox to activate in Backoffice
    • Checkbox to activate in Frontoffice

After the backup, you will see a notification of a successful backup with the message "Added the attribute to the package." with the sentence.

The added row will also appear in the interface:

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