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Below is a user guide for accessing the Cable Calculator in the ONe system:

  • Login to the ONe system: Open your browser and log in to ONe with the login details.
  • Access cable calculator: After logging in, go to the side menu and click on "Cable Calculator".
  • Opening the cable calculator interface: Once you click on the "Cable Calculator" menu item, the main cable calculator interface will appear.

Submenus of the Cable Calculator:

  • Products: Here you have the opportunity to perform operations related to cable products.
    • Cables: In this menu item, you can perform activities related to cables, such as editing existing cables.
    • Services: Here you can manage services related to the cable calculator, such as adding new services, editing existing ones, or deleting them.
    • Packaging (Cable Drum): In this menu item, cable drum settings can be viewed.
  • Configuration:
    • Rule definition: This menu item allows the definition of rules for the cable calculator, including drum rules.
    • Package associations: Here you can configure packaging definitions and settings.
    • Other: In this menu item, other configuration settings can be performed.
  • Integration: Integration settings and options, which enable connection and data transfer with other systems, can be found under the "Integration" menu item.